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When audio matters, you can rely on Jünger Audio to deliver products and solutions that will help you work smarter and more efficiently across all aspects of content delivery including loudness, up/down mixing, Audio over IP, dynamics/EQ, voice conditioning, Dolby® management, monitoring or measuring and FM conditioning.

  • AIXpressor

    AIXpressor is Jünger Audios new flagship audio processor with unparalleled power, comprehensive media interfaces and a new software architecture.

  • Dual Stereo Level Magic  Audio Processor - EASY LOUDNESS SDI
    Dual Stereo Level Magic Audio Processor - EASY LOUDNESS SDI

    With dual stereo processing channels and 3G SDI on board, EASY LOUDNESS SDI is the ideal solution for automatic and intelligent loudness management in real-time stereo TV broadcast environments.

  • Multichannel Monitoring and Authoring - MMA
    Multichannel Monitoring and Authoring - MMA

    The pioneering solution for immersive audio live production. Readily available, high tech solution for your needs in MPEG-H 3D Audio authoring and monitoring.

  • flexAIserver

    Jünger Audio’s flexAIservre series of audio servers provides maximum processing power and flexibility where high-channel counts and comprehensive processing is required.

  • Dual Stereo Level Magic Audio Processor - EASY LOUDNESS AoIP
    Dual Stereo Level Magic Audio Processor - EASY LOUDNESS AoIP

    With dual stereo processing channels and integrated Dante®/AES67 I/O, EASY LOUDNESS AoIP is the ideal solution for automatic and intelligent real-time loudness management.

  • Compact multichannel bridge - Netbridge UHD
    Compact multichannel bridge - Netbridge UHD

    Netbridge UHD is an advanced interface for simple and fast integration of 4K-UHD streams in to MADI and AoIP (AES67 and Dante®) infrastructures.

  • News Production

    News Production

    Learn how our Smart Audio solutions can help you maintain clean, consistent and coherent audio throughout your daily news broadcasts.

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  • Sports Production

    Sports Production

    Combining advanced leveling and EQ together with automated voice over ensures that viewers will always hear your sports broadcasts at their very best.

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  • Live Production

    Live Production

    When the pressure is on, let our Smart Audio products and solutions take care of audio levels and quality so that you can focus on the content.

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  • Radio Production

    Radio Production

    Get the best, most consistent and recognisable audio quality day in and day out for each presenter and program.

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  • Wichtige Informationen zur COVID-19-Vorsorge bei Jünger Audio

    Um unseren Teil bei der Bewältigung dieser einzigartigen Situation beizutragen und unsere Mitarbeiter zu schützen, haben wir uns entschlossen den Betrieb bei Jünger Audio und woks audio komplett umzustellen. Die Entwicklungsabteilung und die Administration werden ab sofort von Zuhause arbeiten. Einzig zur Bereitstellung von Bestellungen werden einzelne Mitarbeiter isoliert in der Firma anwesend sein.

    Eine uneingeschränkte Erreichbarkeit ist daher derzeit nur per E-Mail garantiert. Wir arbeiten daran, zumindest einen Teil der Telefonverbindungen umzuleiten oder ersatzweise Mobilfunknummern bereitzustellen. Die entsprechenden Nummern werden wir natürlich an den üblichen Stellen bekanntgeben.

    Um den wirtschaftlichen Schaden gering zu halten, möchten wir unsere Kunden bitten, soweit möglich, geplante Bestellungen nicht aufzuschieben! Derzeit können wir unsere üblichen Lieferzeiten einhalten.

    Am wichtigsten ist aber: bitte passen Sie gut auf Sich auf und bleiben Sie gesund!

    Herzlichst, woks audio

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  • Important information about COVID-19 prevention at Jünger Audio

    In order to do our part in coping with this unique situation and to protect our employees, we have decided to completely re-organize the operation at Jünger Audio and woks audio. The development department and administration will now work from home. Individual people will be present in the company only for the provisioning of orders.

    Therefore unrestricted availability is currently only guaranteed by email. We are working on redirecting at least some of our telephone connections or providing mobile phone numbers as a replacement. Numbers will be announced once available.

    To keep the economic damage to a minimum, we would like to ask our customers, as far as possible, not to postpone planned orders! At the moment we can deliver at our common lead times.

    Most importantly, please take good care of yourself and stay healthy!

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Established in Berlin in 1990, Jünger Audio specializes in the development, design and manufacture of high-quality digital audio dynamics solutions. Jünger Audio has developed a unique range of audio algorithms that are focused to meet the precise needs of the professional audio markets such as Broadcast, MI, Automotive and OEM. With over 15,000 audio channels "on air", Jünger Audio's customers include the world's top radio and TV broadcasters, IPTV providers, music recording studios and audio post production facilities. All Jünger Audio products are easy to operate and are developed and manufactured in-house, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained throughout.

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